Tuesday, February 21, 2012


The last few days were pretty busy, I did a few clinics, training a lot, did the A1A half marathon as training. So I was just busy over all.
The half marathon went well, it was humid and hot, but was a great training run. One thing I did notice, and I have been noticing for awhile my recovery time is so fast!!! For example I ran the half at a good pace (1 hour and 26 min) that's a 6 30 pace (4'05'' per km), normally a training day like that (21km) at this pace would make me tired. But with raw foods I notice I recover so quick that even 48 hours after (when it hits) I was not tired at all. That is so good! During the race I tried my new Raw gel and it worked really good! By the way did any read the article in runners world the other day? about gels with arsenic in it? Please check it out: http://news.runnersworld.com/2012/02/16/refueling-with-arsenic/  It is insane!
I think I am seem more benefits from my detox now! My energy levels are insane! Today I did one of my best bike workouts and didn't even felt tired!
Sorry I missed my food intake on the last few days but I was very busy!
Breakfast: Garden of life raw meal
Snack: apple and dried figs
Lunch: salad with Kale, spinach, sprout lentils and peppers
snack apple
dinner: salad with kale, flaxseed ground, spinach, sprout alfalfa, cucumber, carrots and bell peppers

Feel Good and Go Raw!

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