Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Today was my first day eating again, and it is amazing my body reaction. I had fruit for breakfast (little fruit salad) and I felt full!!! Went for a run, and today was the first day that I actually did some speed again, and it felt easy to run with this weight! For lunch we went to whole foods, and I almost didn't finish my salad, I was satisfied with very little, I didn't crave for fat, and I will keep it like that! Dinner we had another salad, and I ate a lot less than  lunch time, and I was very satisfied.
The body is an incredible machine! I honestly think everyone should do a cleanse one day! I want to give a special thanks to Jennifer Thompson from www.healthybliss.net for suggesting and guiding me and my wife thru this cleanse. I am also very proud that my wife did the entire 14 days. We are extremely happy with the results, and like I always say, health is priceless, and to be honest is a lot easier (and simple) than we think.
Curiosities that I notice today: First thing, no gas! That used to be a big problem for me, trust me, used to hurt during runs sometimes. Also, my stool did not smell, crazy... But what shocked me the most is that after my run, sweating for 70 min, I did not smell at all!!! I love it!!!
Ok, here are the numbers and picture from the 2 weeks cleanse, before:
Weight: 174.5 pounds (79kilos)
Body fat: 9%
Now after:
Weight 160 pounds (72.5 kilos)
Body fat: 5.5%
Note: all the weight I lost was pretty much in the core area!
My goal now is keep posting all my meals, and training in the blog, so I can show, and maybe inspire everyone  that is really possible to stay healthy, training hard and specially performing well with a raw vegan diet because everybody ask me, do you have enough energy to workout? where it comes from? So you will be able to check it out :)
Feel Good,

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